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Tiny Little Moss, Strives To Blossom Like Peonies
A Report on Ms. Evadne Yu, Founder of My Wellness Center - Gaithersburg

“Tiny little moss, strives to blossom like peonies” is a quote from a poem written by Qing dynasty
poet Yuan Mei. This simple line serves to illustrate that although tiny strings of moss can be as
negligible as grains of rice, they still strive to bloom as dignified and as gracefully as the peonies.
Displaying not only a modest and motivated attitude, but one of pride and cultivation, this verse
has become a source of self-encouragement and spiritual support for Ms. Evadne Yu through her
hardships and successes over the years.

Growing up in a privileged family full of love, Ms. Yu enjoyed a smooth and stable life from a
student of primary school through college. After graduation, she acquired a government sector job
and carried out her life in a steady, if not ordinary, peaceful life. As life often turns out, a single life
decision made decades ago would end this peaceful lifestyle and embark her on a new adventure.
She quit her stable government job of 27 years and opened My Wellness Center, an institution
dedicated to the promotion of healthy living and awareness.

Originally built as a thoughtful resolution rather than an act on impulse, My Wellness Center came
to light in 1998 after Ms. Yu encountered a heavy auto accident which left her with three
protrusions of her cervical and lumbar intervertebral discs. Since surgical treatment was not her
first option, she turned to traditional Chinese medicine. Through a series of traditional Chinese
medicine treatment modalities such as acupuncture and tui na massage, she was surprised to not
only find extended relief in her vertebra disease, but alleviation in her asthma that had plagued her
life since childhood. To this day, her asthmatic symptoms have not relapsed.

Invigorated from her own success story, Ms. Yu developed a brand new perspective on health
centering on traditional Chinese medicine and a new product called the Ceragem automatic thermal
massage bed. During her treatment process she had the opportunity to meet many patients that
had endured through similar pain and illnesses for many years due to inappropriate therapy. Taking
notice of the suffering that had once burdened her life and was now dragging down the lives of
those around her, cast a fire in Ms. Yu’s warm and compassionate heart, encouraging her to
introduce her new perspective and effective treatment to people everywhere.

Since the founding of the center, she has managed to overcome quite a few difficulties and only
through sheer time and determination was she able to furnish it in a large scale and truly earn its
fine reputation. The troubles that she has had to deal with and avert have truly come to no short
end since its establishment.

Under her influence, both of her sons proceeded down career paths in the medical sciences and
both are proud to display certificates of accomplishment in the field of alternative medicine.  While
her younger son now specializes in the treatment of neuromuscular disorders, her eldest son has
gone on to become the youngest doctor of TCM in the state of Maryland. Today, both work for My
Wellness Center.

With the growth and expansion of the wellness center, Ms. Yu broke new ground when she
successfully persuaded her husband, Dr. Houng King, one of the leading acupuncturists in the
Maryland, Virginia, and D.C. Metropolitan areas, to join the center’s practice. With acupuncture,
moxibustion, tui na massage, TCM herbal prescriptions, medicine dispensing, gua sha scraping
therapy and many other Chinese treatments, Dr. King’s acquisition has turned My Wellness Center
into a truly comprehensive health care hub for all people interested in the alternative healing arts.
To date, the center has been graced by over 500,000 visitors and patients and is certainly ranked
among the top list of wellness centers in Maryland and Washington D.C. Metropolitan area.

Apart from participating in the major events, Ms. Yu’s daily duties extend to the center’s
management and operational matters, including but not limited to staff training, equipment supply,
and procurement of rules and regulations. Many friends have asked her if it was worthwhile to
devote so much time, effort and money for an unknown profit margin. She always responds with a
smile and says: “You have to understand that the government job is nothing more than an
occupation but what I’m doing here is a career. For a career, it cannot be judged by common
values, on the other hand it is sometimes a kind of faith and mission, and it deserves one’s whole
life to do that, but without any consideration of returns. In spite of my limited capability, I will
exhaust my ability to contribute health and love to the others.” Simple and plain as the words are,
she is living out the lines “Tiny little moss, strives to blossom like peonies” perfectly.

Ms. Evadne Yu is a dedicated family woman with all the virtues and charm. With love in her heart
and with a dream to better the health of people everywhere, she opened My Wellness Center.
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